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8th Annual BNUBS-GATE Workshop

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The Eighth Annual BNUBS-GATE Workshop will be held in Heidelberg, on July 4-5, 2017. It is jointly organized by the University of Heidelberg, Beijing Normal University (BNU) Business School and GATE Lyon-St Etienne.

The annual workshop is supported by the International Associated Laboratory (LIA, CHINEQ) “Inequalities in China : Empirical and Experimental Approaches” launched in 2014 between CNRS and BNU. The objectives of the LIA are to reinforce the existing long-lasting collaboration between GATE and BNUBS and to promote new research and training activities in the field of economic inequalities.


- Heidelberg University - Contact : Christiane Schwieren
- GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne - Contact : Sylvie Démurger
- Beijing Normal University Business School (BNUBS) - Contact : Xu Hui