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Les Séminaires Internes

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Date Intervenant Titre
07/02/2020 Claire Adida TBA
14/02/2020 Yao Thibaut Kpegli TBA

Le séminaire interne se déroule en général vendredi à 12h30 au GATE en salle des séminaires.

Si vous souhaitez faire une proposition de présentation, écrivez nous : Adam Zylbersztejn ou Richard Ruble.

Séminaires passés

Date Intervenant Titre
mercredi 11 juin-11h Haoran He Are teams less inequality averse than individuals ?
jeudi 03 juil-11h Philippe Jacquart When does charisma matter for top-level leaders ? Effect of attributional ambiguity
lundi 14 sept-14h Trad Naama Spécificités et risque de la banque dans un système financier islamique
lundi 12 oct-11h Tidiane Ly Local property taxation with mobile firms and
mardi 03 nov-14h Benjamin Monnery Better at Home than in Prison ? The Effects of Electronic Monitoring versus Incarceration on Recidivism in France
lundi 09 nov-14h Samia Badji Maternal Education and Child Mortality : Causal Link and Mechanisms in Madagascar
lundi 18 janv. 14:30 Yohann Trouvé Les différentiels spatiaux de ratio loyer sur prix
mardi 22 janv. Workshop projets de thèse lieu Saint Etienne
lundi 15 févr. 10:30 Chloé Leclère Individual or structural determinants of households’ consumption and behaviors in developing countries. The case of domestic rural sanitation in India
jeudi 10 mars.15h Anca Mihut Linear or non linear pricing : evidence from the lab about the individual preference for tariffs
lundi 21 mars 14h Tatiana Martinez Zavala Local Development and the Decision to Migrate Illegally : Evidence from Mexico
lundi 30 mai 15h Marine Genton Cancer and Environment : how do people perceive risks and how does this influence their behavior ?
lundi 6 juin 15h Valentin Jouvenceau The Portfolio Rebalancing Chanel of Quantitative Easing
Lundi 19 Sept. 15h Vincent Théroude Cooperation in a risky world
Lundi 26 Sept. 15h Stéphane Gonzalez The social cost problem, right and the (non)empty core
Lundi 10 Oct. 14h Jennifer Margier Eliciting healthcare consumer’s preferences for home care and proximity structures versus hospital care in cancer, using a contingent valuation survey
Lundi 17 Oct. 14h Brice Corgnet Incentives in the wild...wild...lab
lundi 21 nov. 14h Liza Charroin Optimal Design and Defense
of Networks Under Link Attack
lundi 5 déc. 14h Jonathan Goupille-Lebret Accounting for Wealth Inequality Dynamics : Methods, Estimates and Simulations for France (1800-2014)
lundi 19 déc. 14h-15h30 Workshop projets de thèse lieu Ecully
lundi 6 fév. 11h Marine Genton Individuals’ perceptions of their cancers’ risks induced by environmental factors : Predictors and relationships with health-related behaviors
lundi 20 mars 14h Thomas Garcia The optimality-accuracy trade-off in decisions under uncertainty
mardi 19 déc. 9h30-13h Workshop projets de thèse lieu Saint-Etienne
16/03/2018 Mathilde Godard Targeting Disability Insurance Applications with Screening
11/05/2018 Robert Schmidt Measuring the heterogeneity of beliefs in coordination games on the individual level : A theory and an experimental test on the elicitation of social norms
18/05/2018 Alain N’Ghauran Effects of cluster policies on collaboration networks
01/06/2018 Alice Solda Thesis follow-up committee — CST
08/06/2018 Pierre-Philippe Combes & Sylvie Démurger Unequal Productivity Gains in Urban China
21/09/2018 Dionissi Aliprantis The Dynamics of the Racial Wealth Gap
19/10/2018 Clément Gorin A random forest approach to mining historical map data. An application to land use in 19th-century France
23/11/2018 John Hamman Delegation and Team Selection
30/11/2018 Fortuna Casoria Do upfront investments increase cooperation ? An experimental approach
14/12/2018 Frédéric Jouneau A general equilibrium approach to decentralized currency economies
18/01/2019 Thijs Brouwer Would you trust someone who cheats in your favor ?


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