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Techer Kevin

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PhD Student since September 2019

Thesis :
Multi-choice cooperative games and applications to environmental economics.

Supervisors :
Philippe Solal (director) and Stéphane Gonzalez (co-director)

Research interests :

  • Game theory
  • Social choice theory
  • Axiomatic method

Contact :
GATE LSE - Université Jean Monnet
77 Rue Michelet, bureau 402
42000 Saint-Etienne

Publication :

  • Lowing. D, Techer. K, 2022, Priority relations and cooperation with multiple activity levels. forthcoming Journal of Mathematical Economics.
  • Lowing. D, Techer. K, 2022, Marginalism, egalitarianism and efficiency in multi-choice games.Social Choice and Welfare, doi :
  • Techer. K, 2021, Stable agreements through liability rules : a multi-choice game approach to the social cost problem. Mathematical Social Sciences, 111:77-88

Working papers :