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General Information about the Phd at the lab

There are about fourty PhD students (see all of them here) at GATE LSE (Group of Analysis and Economic Theory Lyon Saint Etienne) belonging to the Doctoral Program in Economics and Management at the University of Lyon. They are located mainly at GATE (Ecully, near Lyon), but also at ENS of Lyon, at the Center Leon Berard or in Saint-Etienne.

GATE offers two PhD in Economics and Management : the PhD in Applied Microeconomics, and the PhD in Money, Finance and International Economy. Isabelle Royer is the chairperson of the Doctoral Program of the University of Lyon) in Economics and Management. PhD students come mainly from the Postgraduate Degrees affiliated to GATE, and especially from the research Postgraduate Degree"economics and finance".

The GATE doctoral program produces economists highly trained in experimental economics, econometrics or mathematical modelling. Upon competition of their PhD program, students will have developped the skills required to conduct research and teach in highly ranked business schools and economic departments. They can work on Labour and Personal microeconomics, Monetary Economics, Health Economics...

Several partnerships with universities allow our Phd students to visit foreign universities (universities of Berkeley, Québec, Montréal, Nottingham, Bocconi, Lisbonne, Mannheim...). They also have the opportunity to get a co-supervised PhD with outstanding universities such as Laval University or Amsterdam university. National or regional funding (Explora’Doc and Aires Culturelles for instance) might provide PhDs with scholarship on that purpose.

The PhD students are mostly funded by doctoral school through doctoral contracts, however some of them are also financed by other public administrations, such as the region Rhône-Alpes, LABEX, or by private company. Furthermore, to insure that every student is well supervised, each year a formal meeting is held with the aim to discuss about the thesis project. One key aspect of this meeting is that, in addition of the supervisor, other academic researchers are invited.

PhD students commonly have teaching assistant positions in the Economics and Management department.

Informations concerning the Doctoral Program

Web page of the Doctoral Program :

Doctoral Program Administrative Secretary :

Sandrine Brunet
Phone : +33 (0)
Email :

Doctoral Program Chairperson :

Isabelle Royer :

How to Write an Academic Paper ?

You could find some very helpful information on these websites :

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PhD guides

  • This guide made by the university of Lyon, may help you through administrative procedures with the university (contract, payment...).
  • The guide of the GATE PhD students, written by former PhD students, gathers all the administrative and practical information you need during your thesis at GATE, including tips to communicate about your research, how to write your papers and many other useful topics.

PhD defense

This planning describes the administrative procedure you need to follow before your PhD defense.