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Autant-Bernard Corinne

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- Professor of Economics
- Dean of the Department of Economics, University of Saint-Etienne

Contact :
Full CV here

- Fields of interest :

  • Economics of innovation
  • Knowledge diffusion
  • Spatial econometrics
  • Network analysis
  • Policy evaluation

- Selected publications :

  • Assessing the collaboration and network additionality of innovation policies : a counterfactual approach to the French cluster policy (with Alain N’Ghauran), Industrial and Corporate Change, 2021, vol. 26(1).
  • A heterogeneous coefficient approach to the knowledge production function (with J. LeSage), Spatial Economic Analysis, 2019, vol. 14(2), pages 196-218.
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  • The Role of R&D Collaboration Networks on Regional Knowledge Creation : Evidence from Information and Communication Technologies (with S. Hazir and J. LeSage), Papers in Regional Science, 2018, 97-3, pp.579-567.
  • European Knowledge Neighbourhood : Knowledge production in EU neighboring countries and intensity of the relationship with EU countries (with Chalaye, S., Gagliardini, E., & Usai, S.), Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, Journal of Economic and Social Geography, 2017, 108(1), pp 52-75.
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