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Riou Stéphane

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- Vice-President for Research Jean Monnet University
- Professor of Economics, Jean Monnet University, IAE, Saint-Etienne

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Fields of interests
- Regional and Urban Economics
- Public Economics

Selected publications and submited papers

  • Exbrayat N., Madiès Th and S. Riou (2019), A simple model of corporate bailouts in a globalized economy, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, minor revision.
  • Autant Bernard C., Guevara C. and S. Riou (2018), Agglomeration externalities in Ecuador : do urbanization and tertiarization matter ?, Regional Studies Forthcoming.
  • Gaigné C., Riou., S and J-F Thisse (2016), How to make the metropolitan area work ? Neither big government nor laissez-faire, Journal of Public Economics, vol. 134, 100-113.
  • Exbrayat N., Gaigné C., and S. Riou. (2013), Taxe carbone globale, effet taille de marché et mobilité des firmes, Revue Economique, vol. 64(2), 265-278.
  • Gaigné C., Riou S., and J-F Thisse. (2012), Are compact cities environmentally friendly ?, Journal of Urban Economics, vol. 72(2), 123-136.
  • Exbrayat N., Gaigné C., and S. Riou. (2012), The effects of labor unions on international capital tax competition, Canadian Journal of Economics, vol. 45(4), 1480-1503
  • Exbrayat N., Madiès Th., and S. Riou. (2010), International tax competition : do public good spillovers matter ?, International Tax and Public Finance, Vol. 17 (5), 479-500.

Working papers and works in progress

  • Aguirre A., Riou S. and J. Salanié, (2018), Soccer, emotions and crime : essay at the intra-city level.
  • Charlot S., Paty S., and S. Riou. (2015) From tax competition to cooperation : what impact on employment location in French urban areas ?
  • Gaigné C., Moizeau F., Riou., S and J-F Thisse (2015), Social stratification in the city.