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Baujard Antoinette

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Professor of Economics
Université Jean Monnet & GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne
10, rue Tréfilerie
42 023 Saint-Etienne Cedex 2
Tel. : (33) 04 77 42 13 61

E-mail : antoinette.baujard[@]
Webpage :

CV en français / CV in English

Research interests

My research is based on reflexive studies on how economics deals with normative issues, and is meant to convey pragmatic knowledge regarding the properties of instruments of public decision, such as methods of evaluation of public policies, voting procedures, deliberative processes. (Research Statement)

I am happy to announce that our book Welfare theory, public action and ethical values : Revisiting the history of welfare Economics, published at Cambridge University Press, is available online and in the bookshops.

Our paper "Le vote utile est-il un problème ?" is now available on the website The conversation (among others).

Some representative publications

Voting experiments and Social choice theory

  • Not-so-strategic Voters. Evidence from an In Situ Experiment During the 2017 French Presidential Election. By Baujard, Antoinette and Isabelle Lebon. Electoral Studies, 76, 2022. (link ; WP GATE 2022-2201)
  • Retelling the Story of the 2017 French Presidential Election : The contribution of Approval Voting, by Antoinette Baujard and Isabelle Lebon, Accepted Homo Oeconomicus. (Previous enlarged version available at WP GATE 2020-2023 ; SSRN)
  • Some regrettable grading scale effects under different versions of evaluative voting, by Antoinette Baujard, Herrade Igersheim and Isabelle Lebon, 56 803—834 2021 Social Choice and Welfare (link ; WP GATE 2020-2024)
  • How voters use grade scales in evaluative voting, with Isabelle Lebon, Herrade Igersheim, Frédéric Gavrel, and Jean-François Laslier, European Journal of Political Economy, 2018, 55 : 14-28. (link ; WP GATE 2017-1729)
  • Ce que le vote par approbation révèle des préférences des électeurs français. with Herrade Igersheim, Frédéric Gavrel, Jean-François Laslier and Isabelle Lebon. Revue Economique, Novembre 2017. (link ; WP GATE 1636 ; Les Echos)
  • Individual Behavior under Evaluative Voting. A comparison between laboratory and In Situ experiments. with Herrade Igersheim, Frédéric Gavrel, Jean-François Laslier and Isabelle Lebon. Voting experiments, André Blais, Jean-François Laslier, and Karine Van der Straeten (Eds.), Part IV, p. 257-269, Springer, 2016. (link, WP)
  • Who’s favored by Evaluative Voting ? An experiment conducted during the 2012 French Presidential Election. with Frédéric Gavrel, Herrade Igersheim, Jean­François Laslier, Isabelle Lebon, Electoral Studies, 34, June 2014, Pages 131–145 (link to paper ; link to AudioSlides ; Cahier de l’Ecole Polytechnique 2013-5)

Philosophy and methodology of normative issues

  • Values in welfare economics, to be published in The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Economics, Conrad Heilmann and Julian Reiss (Eds.) Routledge, 2021, ch15 : 211-222. (WP SSRN & GATE 2020-2112)
  • Norms and normativity, by Antoinette Baujard, Charles Girard and Judith Favereau, in ``Norms and normativity’’, the special issue of the Revue de philosophie Economique, Antoinette Baujard, Charles Girard and Judith Favereau (Eds.), Juin 2020, 21(1) : 3-18, 2020. (link ; WP GATE 2020-2026)
  • Beyond the Consent Dilemma in Libertarian Paternalism, a Normative Void Homo Oeconomicus, 32(2) : 369—373, Spring 2015. (pdf ; the whole issue)
  • Collective interest vs. individual interest in Bentham’s felicific calculus. Questioning welfarism and fairness. in Gérard Faccarello and Richard Sturn (Eds.), Studies in the History of Public Economics, Routledge, Chap. 5 : 71—98, 2011.
    The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 2010, 17(4) : 607—634. (link)
  • An conversation with Amartya Sen, with Muriel Gilardone and Maurice Salles, Interview for Social Choice and Welfare ; short version available as a movie, 2010. (link)
  • From moral welfarism to technical non-welfarism. A step back to Bentham’s felicific calculus. The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 2009, 16(3) : 431—453. (link, WP CREM 2006-06)
  • L’estimation des préférences individuelles en vue de la décision publique. Problèmes, paradoxes, enjeux, Économie et Prévision, 2006, 4/5(175—176) : 51—63. (link ; WP pdf CREM 2006-08)

History of welfare economics and theories of justice

  • Don’t reduce Amartya Sen to a single identity ! (WP GATE 2022-2202), a version of a book review to be published in History of Public Economy, Nov. 2022.
  • Revisiting the history of welfare economics, Roger Backhouse, Antoinette Baujard and Tamotsu Nishizawa, (WP GATE 2020-2027), including the introduction and conclusion of the collective book :
    Welfare Theory, Public Action and Ethical Values : Revisiting the history of welfare economics, Roger E. Backhouse, Antoinette Baujard and Tamotsu Nishizawa Eds., Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, March 2021. (link)
    reviewed by Matthew Adler, European Journal of History of Economic Thought, 2022.
  • A theory of justice based on positional views, with Muriel Gilardone, WP soon available.
    Previous version, "Positional Views" as the Cornerstone of Sen’s Idea of Justice, with Muriel Gilardone, (WP GATE 2019-2022).
  • Sen is not a capability theorist, with Muriel Gilardone, The Journal of Economic Methodology, 2017, 24(1) : 1-19. (link ; WP GATE 2015-08 ; ssrn ; Condorcet Paper 02, 2015)
  • L’économie du bien-être est morte. Vive l’économie du bien-être ! (Welfare economics is dead. Long live welfare economics !) (in French), In G. Campagnolo and J.S. Gharbi (Eds.), Philosophie économique, Editions Matériologiques, Ch.2 : 77-128, Feb. 2017. (WP CREM 2011-02)
  • Utilitarianism and anti-utilitarianism. In Gilbert Faccarello and Heinz D. Kurz (Eds.), Handbook of the History of Economic Analysis, Vol.3, Ch.39 : 577-588, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham (U.K.), 2016. ( WP GATE 2013-32)


Fundings and involvement in recent collective projects


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