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Hichri Walid

Associate Professor (Maître de Conférences), GATE and University of Lyon

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Associate Professor (Maître de Conférences) - University of Lyon 2 and GATE


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Ongoing Research Contracts

- 2008-2011 : Member of the « Chaire Universitaire » in Experimental Economics : Industrial Finance and Network Design, funded by « l’Association Française des professionnels des Titres » (AFTI).

- 2008-2011 : Part of the ANR Contract, “HYPERCROIS : Firms with Hyper-growth : trajectories and temporalities” with COACTIS.

Fields of interest

- Experimental Economics
- Public Goods
- Collective Action and individual interest
- Welfare Economics
- Design of Experiments
- Publicly Provided Goods
- Analysis of Collective Decision-Making
- Game Theory and Bargaining Theory


- "Threshold of preference for collusion and interconnection fees in different market structures : the Tunisian mobile market case," with S. DEBBICH, International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise, Vol.6, No.1, pp.66 – 85, (2018).

- "Market Power and Collusion on Interconnection Market in Tunisia : What Lessons from International Experiences," with S. DEBBICHI, Journal of Research in Business, Economics and Management, Volume 7, Issue 1, p.p. 1031-1040, (2016).

- "The price stability under inflation targeting regime : An analysis with a new intermediate approach," with Z. FTITI, Economic Modelling, vol. 38, p.p. 23-32, (2014)

- "La restructuration des infrastructures de marchés financiers : quelles réformes pour le réglement-livraison et la conservation des titres ?" with M.N. Calès (GATE) and N. Marchand (GATE), Economies et sociétés, n°. ME 44, pp. 909-924, 2010.

- "Target 2 Securities : effets sur les politiques tarifaires et parts de marché des CSD," with M.N. Calès and N. Marchand, Revue Banque, n°720, p.p. 72-75, jan. 2010.

- "Dynamic voluntary contributions to a discrete public good : Experimental Evidence," with Pavel DIEV (Banque de France), Economics Bulletin, Vol. 3, No. 23 pp. 1-11, (2008).

- “Dissertation abstract : Contribution to a public good - Theoretical analysis and experimental evidence,” Experimental Economics, Vol. 10, n°2, p.p. 185-186, (2007).

- “The Emergence of Coordination in Public Good Games,” avec Alan KIRMAN (G.R.E.Q.A.M.), The European Physical Journal B, n° 55, p.p. 149-159, (2007).

- “Horizontal Merger in Bilaterally Duopolistic Industries With Differentiated Products,” avec Zouhaier M’CHIRGUI (G.R.E.Q.A.M.), Applied Economics Letters, 13, p.p. 93-95, (2006).

- “Individuals Strategies and Aggregate Behavior in a Public Goods Experiment,” Applied Economics Letters, 13, p.p. 969-973, (2006).

- “The Individual Behavior in a Public Goods Game,” International Review on Public and Non Profit Marketing (2005), Volume 2, n°1, p.p. 59-71.

- “Interior Collective Optimum in a Voluntary Contribution to a Public goods Game”, Applied Economics Letters (2004), Volume 11, n°3, p.p. 135-140.

Work in Progress

- An Economic Approach to Voluntary Organizations,
- Promises as Signals in a Public Goods Game,
- Public Goods’ Game With Partial Information About Others’ Contributions,
- A Survey on Public Goods Provision,
- The Interior Solution in the Public Goods Game, Updated,
- Information in financial markets as a public good,
- The Rich and the Poor : Who Contribute more ?.


- Experimental Economics
- Microeconomics
- Game Theory
- Industrial Organization
- Contract Theory
- Public Economics

Other activities

- Referee for Economics Bulletin, Technology and Investment, Journal of Economics and International Finance, Applied Economics.