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Thesis defenses

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Thesis defenses


  • On December 14, 2018, Rémi Suchon will defend his PhD thesis : "Essays on the economics of social identity, social preferences and social image."

  • On november 30, 2018, Tidiane Ly will defend his PhD thesis : "Tax competition within Metropolitan areas".

  • On november 19, 2018, Mark Zingbagba defended his PhD thesis : "Three Essays on Upstream and Downstream Disruptions along Nutritional High-value Food Supply Chains in Emerging Countries."

  • On november 15, 2018, Andréa Aguirre Sanchez defended his PhD thesis : "Urban Crime in Ecuador : Three essays on the role of economic inequalities, population density and emotions."

  • On october 10, 2018, Julien Flaig defended his PhD thesis : "A simulation based approach to individual vaccination behavior" .

  • On september 20, 2018, Zhejin ZHAO, defended his PhD thesis : "Three essays on housing markets and housing policies"

  • On june 26, 2018, Naama Trad, defended his PhD thesis : "Gouvernance bancaire et prise de risque des banques islamiques"

  • On june 20, 2018, Han ZHOU, defended his PhD thesis : " Three essays on mainland china’s market performance"

  • On marsh 8, 2018, Liza Charroin, defended his PhD thesis : "Essays on the formation of social and economic networks"


  • On décember 15, 2017, Jennifer Margier, defended his PhD thesis : "Mesure des préférences des consommateurs de soins pour les soins à l’hôpital, à domicile ou en structures de proximité : développement d’un outil d’information et d’aide à la décision intégrant une évaluation contingente."

  • On november 10 , 2017, Tatiana Martinez Zavala, defended his PhD thesis : "Essays on Mexican Migration to the US" Retour ligne manuel

  • On september 29,2017, Clément Gorin defended his PhD thesis : Skilled mobility, networks and the geography of innovation". Retour ligne manuel

  • On september 15, 2017, Marine Genton defended his PhD thesis : "Perceptions individuelles des risques de cancers liés aux facteurs environnementaux : Etat des lieux, liens avec l’adoption de comportements en santé et déterminants".

  • On september 14, 2017, Xiaofei MA defended his PhD thesis : "4 Essays on Structural Change, Mobility and Economic Policy" Retour ligne manuel

  • On september 11, 2017 , Anca Mihut defended his PhD thesis : "Three Essays on Mechanism Design"

  • On august 30 2017, Adrien Lutz defended his PhD thesis : "À chacun selon sa capacité, à chaque capacité selon œuvres" Essai sur la justice sociale saint-simonienne.

  • On june 12th, 2017, Mengbing Zhu defended his PhD thesis in Beijing, : "Migration, Wealth and Household Consumption in Rural China"


  • On décember 8th, 2016, Pauline Gandré defended his PhD thesis : "Three essays on the role of expectations during the recent economic turmoil"

  • On november 29th, 2016, Benjamin Monnery defended his PhD thesis : "Prison, réinsertion et récidive : applications microéconométriques"

  • On september 27th, 2016, Damien Cubizol defended his PhD thesis: "Capital misallocation in emerging economies: the case of China"


  • On march 7th, 2015, Maria Laura Silva defended his PhD thesis : "Le rôle de l’information dans la prise de décision : une application à la politique de vaccination contre la grippe saisonnière"

  • On march 3rd 2015, Zhixin Dai defended his PhD thesis : "Three essays on audit policies"

  • On December 3rd, 2015, Yann Kossi defended his PhD thesis : "Production Scientifique, Externalités et Compétition Académique: Applications microéconométriques"

  • On October 15th, 2015, Carolina Guevaradefended her PhD thesis "The impact of agglomeration in the economic performance of developing countries: the Latin American case"

  • On October 8th, 2015, Laurine Martinoty defended her PhD thesis "Intrahousehold Allocation of Time and Consumption during Hard Times"

  • On May 27th, 2015, Tsaja Bjedov defended her PhD thesis "Trois essais en économie publique : décentralisation fiscale, coordination et sécessions"
  • On May 13th, 2015, Min Zhu defended her PhD thesis "Three essays on matching mechanisms"
  • On December 4th, 2014 Cintya Lanchimba defended her PhD thesis " Organizational and contractual choices in franchising ; Four essays on the relationship between the franchisor’s choices and the network performance"
  • On September 25th, 2014 Marion Dessertine defended her PhD thesis "Pôles de compétitivité et emploi : une analyse microéconomique de l’effet des coopérations en R&D"
  • On September 22nd, 2014 Layal Mansour defended her PhD thesis "To what extent can the policy of hoarding international reserves in indebted and dollarized countries be efficient ?"
  • On July 24th, 2014 Mehmet Deniz Kozanoglu defended his PhD thesis "Banque centrale et politique monétaire dans les pays en développement"

  • On July 8th, 2014 Fabrice Périac defended his PhD thesis "Les concepts de « diversité culturelle » et de « capital social » comme facteurs explicatifs de la capacité d’innovation des organisations et des territoires"

  • On May 26th, 2014 Thierry Kalisa defended his PhD thesis "Economic Valuation of Ecosystems and Natural Resources"

  • On April 18th, 2014, Lei Mao defended his PhD thesis "Three Essays on Risk Attitudes and Social Image".

  • On march 31, 2014, Selin Hazir defended her PhD thesis "Spatial Dynamics of Knowledge Networks"

  • On February 13th, 2014, Amira Majoul defended her PhD thesis "Transmission du cycle économique des Etats-Unis au reste du monde : Le cas des pays émergents".

  • On September 27th, 2013 Michelle Mongo defended her PhD thesis "Innovation dans les services : essais sur les déterminants individuels et territoriaux"

  • On September 20th, 2013, Luiz Andrade defended his PhD thesis "Incremental Innovation and Competition in the French Pharmaceutical Market: Empirical analysis".

  • On July 25th, 2013, Riad Bouklia defended his thesis "An essay on the productivity of prolific inventors, the dynamic capabilities of firms and the technological specialization of countries — A comparison France-Great Britain".

  • On July 12th, 2013, Mihaela Solcan defended her thesis "Essays on Macroeconomic Price Adjustments".

  • On July 1st, 2013, Luigi Butera defended his thesis "Three essays on the economics of image motivation".

  • On June 28th, 2013, Cheick Kader M’Baye defended his thesis "Theoretical and empirical essays on inflation targeting and Central Bank transparency".

  • On June 13th, 2013, Ranoua Bouchouicha defended her thesis "Three essays on the linkages between real estate markets and the wider economy".

  • On March 14th, 2013, Sovannarith Nget defended his thesis "The Financial Reform in the center of the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Cambodia".

  • On February 17th, 2013, Soley Lawson-Drackey defended his thesis "A renewal of patent value analysis framework : An approach through cognitive mapping"

  • On January 11th, 2013 Julie Poirier defended her thesis "Four Essays in Empirical Environmental Economics".

  • On December 20th, 2012, Muhammad Naveed Tahir defended his thesis "Essays on Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy in a Globalized World"

  • On December 11th, 2012, Benjamin Pelloux defended his thesis "On the Role of Emotions and Social Ties in Public Good Games".

  • On December 7th, 2012, Julie Ing defended her thesis "Three essays on petroleum agreements".

  • On May 25th, 2012, Mohamed Tahar Benkhodja defended his thesis "Essays on Monetary Policy in an Oil Exporting Economy".