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14th EHEW

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May 24 & 25, 2013 - GATE LSE - Lyon, France


The aim of the Workshop is to provide a forum that encourages the development, critical appraisal and dissemination of methodological research in health economics. The Workshop mainly focuses on microeconomic models in health economics with an emphasis on industrial organization. Empirical applications are also welcome.

The format of the Workshop follows the established pattern. It is run over two days, and comprises around fifteen papers. There are no parallel sessions and one hour is devoted to each paper, with presentations by the author and a nominated discussant. The number of participants is limited to around 40 people. Participants are expected to attend the whole of the meeting and play a role as author, discussant or chairperson.

Contact : Izabela Jelovac

Scientific Committee

- Pedro Pita Barros (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
- Paula Gonzalez (Universidad Pablo de Olavide)
- Izabela Jelovac (GATE Lyon-St Etienne)
- Mathias Kifmann (University of Hamburg)
- Albert Ma (Boston University)
- Inés Macho-Stadler (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
- Luigi Siciliani (University of York)

Local Committee

- Izabela Jelovac (GATE Lyon-St Etienne)


MAY 24

09.30-12.20. Session on Providers’ Incentives

Chair : Izabela Jelovac

- 09.30-10.20. "Design of tired and value-based health plans"
Authors : Albert Ma, Henry Mak
Presenter : Henry Mak (Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis)
Discussant : Nicolas Bouckaert (University of Leuven)

- 10.20-11.10. "Health outcomes, waiting lists and dual practice"
Authors : Michael Kuhn, Robert Nuscheler
Presenter : Robert Nuscheler (University of Augsburg)
Discussant : Izabela Jelovac (GATE Lyon-St Etienne)

- 11.10-11.30. Break

- 11.30-12.20. "Does performance disclosure influence physicians’ medical decision ? An experimental analysis"
Authors : Geir Godager, Heike Hennig-Schmidt, Tor Iversen
Presenter : Geir Godager (University of Oslo)
Discussant : Stéphane Robin (GATE Lyon-St Etienne)

12.20-13.40. Lunch

13.40-17.20. Session on Prevention and Wealth

Chair : David Bardey

- 13.40-14.30. "Income growth and technology advance : The evolution of the income elasticity of health expenditure"
Author : Li Zhang
Presenter : Li Zhang (University of Oslo)
Discussant : Sylvie Démurger (GATE Lyon-St Etienne)

- 14.30-15.20. "Genetic testing with primary prevention and moral hazard"
Authors : David Bardey, Philippe De Donder
Presenter : David Bardey (University de Los Andes, Toulouse School of Economics)
Discussant : Henry Mak (Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis)

- 15.20-15.40. Break

- 15.40-16.30. "Differing types of medical prevention appeal to different individuals"
Authors : Nicolas Bouckaert, Erik Schokkaert
Presenter : Nicolas Bouckaert (University of Leuven)
Discussant : Sverre Grepperud (University of Oslo)

- 16.30-17.20. "Optimal safety standards under moral hazard when accident prevention is a function of both firm- and worker effort"
Author : Sverre Grepperud
Presenter : Sverre Grepperud (University of Oslo)
Discussant : Li Zhang (University of Oslo)

MAY 25

09.30-12.20. Session on Long Term Care

Chair : Mathias Kifmann

- 09.30-10.20. "Long-term care and lazy rotten kids"
Authors : Helmuth Cremer, Kerstin Roeder
Presenter : Kerstin Roeder (LMU Munich)
Discussant : Justina Klimaviciute (Toulouse School of Economics)

- 10.20-11.10. "Long-term care insurance and intra-family moral hazard : Fixed vs. proportional insurance benefits"
Authors : Justina Klimaviciute
Presenter : Justina Klimaviciute (Toulouse School of Economics)
Discussant : Geir Godager (University of Oslo)

- 11.10-11.30. Break

- 11.30-12.20. "Uncertain altruism and the provision of long term care"
Authors : Helmuth Cremer, Firouz Gahvari, Pierre Pestieau
Presenter : Helmuth Cremer (Toulouse School of Economics)
Discussant : Mathias Kifmann (University of Hamburg)

12.20-13.40. Lunch

13.40-16.30. Session on Pharmaceutical Regulation

Chair : Rosella Levaggi

- 13.40-14.30. "Searching for approval : Risk sharing as price discount ?"
Authors : Pedro Pita Barros, Rosella Levaggi
Presenter : Rosella Levaggi (University of Brescia)
Discussant : Nicolas Houy (GATE Lyon-St Etienne)

- 14.30-15.20. "The impact of pharmaceutical regulation on generic competition"
Author : Laura Birg
Presenter : Laura Birg (University of Goettingen)
Discussant : David Bardey (University de Los Andes, Toulouse School of Economics)

- 15.20-15.40. Break

- 15.40-16.30. "Drug launch timing and international reference pricing"
Authors : Nicolas Houy, Izabela Jelovac
Presenter : Izabela Jelovac (GATE Lyon-St Etienne)
Discussant : Laura Birg (University of Goettingen)

Financial Contribution

- GATE Lyon-St Etienne


- GATE Lyon-St Etienne
93 chemin des Mouilles - 69130 Ecully
bus n°55 between the hotel and the stop Lyon Campus Ouest (last stop). For the timetable, click here.

Accomodation & Dinner

- Hotel Central
26 cours de Verdun - 69002 Lyon
stop Perrache (bus, metro and train)

- Hotel Hotelo
37 cours de Verdun-Récamier - 69002 Lyon
stop Perrache (bus, metro and train)

- Dinner on May 24 at Maison Villemanzy
25 montée Saint Sébastien - 69001 Lyon
stop Hotel de Ville (metro) / stop Croix Paquet (metro)

Getting to the Perrache area

- From St Exupery airport

By public transport : Take the Rhone Express (a tramway) from St Exupéry to Vaulx en Velin-La Soie, and then Metro A to Perrache where the hotels are located.
You can buy a ticket for the Rhone Express online (it is cheaper that way) :

A taxi drive from St Exupery to Perrache is around 50 €.

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By public transport : Direct tramway ride with T1 from stop Gare Part Dieu Vivier Merle to Perrache (direction Hôtel de région Montrochet)