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Ruble Richard

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Professeur assistant, EMLYON business school (2008- )

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Antoniadou E, Mirman LJ, Ruble R (2014) Lattices and lotteries, Mathematics of Operations Research 39(2):445-463.

Billette de Villemeur E, Ruble R, Versaevel B (2014) Investment timing and vertical relationships, International Journal of Industrial Organization 33:110-123.

Ruble R, Versaevel B (2014) Market shares, R&D agreements, and the EU block exemption, International Review of Law and Economics 37:15-25.

Billette de Villemeur E, Ruble R, Versaevel B (2013) Caveat preemptor : Coordination failure and success in a duopoly investment game, Economics Letters 118(2):250-254.

Ruble R, Versaevel B (2012) On the tacit collusion equilibria of a dynamic duopoly investment game, Economics Bulletin 32(4):2817-2827.

Mirman LJ, Ruble R (2008) Lattice theory and the consumer’s problem, Mathematics of Operations Research 33(2):301-311.

Travaux en cours

Buyer and seller power in vertical structures

Innovation and imitation incentives in dynamic duopoly (avec E. Billette de Villemeur and B. Versaevel)