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Zylbersztejn Adam

Associate Professor (Maître de Conférences), GATE and University of Lyon

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My research provides an interdisciplinary insight into the issue of inefficiency in important collective-action problems : coordination games and public goods games. Using game theory, behavioral economics and social psychology, I design laboratory experiments to learn (i) when and why these inefficiencies arise (exploring such factors as social preferences, bounded rationality, strategic uncertainty), and (ii) whether institutions involving information transmission may help improve the efficiency of human interactions.

Publications :

  • Learning, words and actions : experimental evidence on coordination-improving information (with N. Jacquemet), 2013, The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, vol. 13(1), pages 215-247 ;
  • What drives failure to maximize payoffs in the lab ? A test of the inequality aversion hypothesis (with N. Jacquemet), 2014, The Review of Economic Design, 18(3), pages 243-264 ;

Working papers :

  • Coordination with Communication under Oath (with N. Jacquemet, S. Luchini, J.F. Shogren), GREQAM WP 2011.49 ;
  • Non-verbal feedback, strategic signaling and non-monetary sanctioning : new experimental evidence from a public goods game, GATE WP ;
  • Cognitive ability and the effect of strategic uncertainty (with N. Hanaki, N. Jacquemet, S. Luchini), GREQAM WP 2014-58 ;