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EMOTIF Research Group

Actors’ Motivations, Incentive Mecanisms and Institutions for Forest Biodiversity

We are interested in the Biodiversa Call (link)

- The EMOTIF research group is a free association of researchers in social sciences interested in forest biodiversity and more generally in prosocial behaviors regarding the natural environment. We focus on the link between financial and non-financial incentives that weigh on biodiversity management decisions, on the existing mechanisms designed to ensure the protection of biodiversity, on the institutions in which those mechanisms fit and on their adequacy to individual behaviors.

- We are interested in participative policies in which different kinds of actors set up an association with self-defined objectives. Participants in these policies present a large mix of motivations : financial incentives and more altruistic motives (e.g. contributing to preserving biodiversity) of course, but also a host of concerns for the social interactions within and outside the association (e.g. social reputation). Examples of such policies are :

- EMOTIF is funded by the Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité and is composed of three institutions :

  • GATE is a CNRS & Université Lyon 2 top level research center in applied econometrics and experimental methods in economics. It is located in Lyon, France.
    • Stéphane Robin, PhD in Economics, is researcher at CNRS. He works on the experimental study of Market Design, Individual Preferences and Bargaining and Social Preferences.
    • Philippe Polomé, PhD in Economics, is professor at Université Lyon 2. He works on Nonmarket valuation, Prosocial behaviors determinants and the Compatibility between stated and revealed preferences.
    • Julie Poirier, PhD candidate in Economics on Nonmarket valuation.
  • Institute of Technology FCBA is an industrial technical center in the forest, paper pulp, wood and furniture sectors, focused on improving synergies among its members and to bring about innovations. It has 8 locations in France.
    • Francis BIGOT de MOROGUES, PhD in Economics, in charge of R&D
  • PACTE is an Institute of Political Studies research center with a focus on public policies and territories. It is located in Grenoble, France.

Last update 17 Dec. 2010