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FRAUD : The determinants of fraud in public transportations

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  • Funding organization : Keolis Lyon
  • Duration : Sept. 2014- Sept. 2015
  • Principal Investigator : Marie Claire Villeval
  • Other participants at GATE-LAB : Z. Dai, F. Galeotti, Q. Thévenet
  • Partners : Kisio, Keolis Lyon

Main objectives

- The identification of efficient policies against fraud in public transportations is a major challenge for transportation companies, due both to foregone revenues and to the very high costs of control. Characterizing efficient policies requires a better knowledge of the individual determinants of fraud.

- The main aim of this research program is to characterize the individual determinants of fraud in public transportations, using a behavioral economics approach. This approach emphasizes the role of attitudes towards risk and uncertainty and the role of moral norms and social norms associated with the decision to buy or not a ticket to use public transportations.


- The research program is based on the conduct of an artefactual field experiment involving almost 300 passengers of the public transport service in France. Our methods allow us to identify who among these volunteer participants are fare-dodgers. Participants have then to perform various tasks in the lab, allowing them to cheat to avoid paying transportation costs. We vary the organization of audits to test which mode is the most effective to deter fraud.